Lady Of Norway


How this scene should have gone

If you don’t get it, say it out loud

Saving Cadence - an abused Pit Bull shows us the power of second chances.

The Ballroom of the Catherine Palace, Tsarskoe Selo, Russia. {x}


Winged Horse 
M.O.M Classification XX-XXXX

Winged horses exist worldwide. There are many different breeds, including the Abraxan (immensely powerful giant palominos), the Aethonan (chestnut, popular in Britain and Ireland), the Granian (grey and particularly fast) and the rare Thestral (black, possessed of the power of invisibility and considered unlucky by many wizards). As with the Hippogriff, the owner of a winged horse is required to perform a Dissillusionment Charm upon it at regular intervals.



The Ghost Mansion by Lake Como in Italy